Faith Factory

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Q: What Is Faith Factory?

A:        Faith Factory is a ministry to children and families.  It is designed for children from age 3 years old through the 5th grade and their parents.

Q: What will we do at Faith Factory?

A:       Faith Factory is broken down into three parts:

            W Shift  (aka Worship) – 20 minutes—A tech driven, Kid styled worship time to introduce the  “BIG IDEA” (aka bible passage) of the night.

            A Shift  (aka Application) –  20 minutes—The group is split into 3 groups (by age) where they will have meaningful, guided discussion about how to apply the scripture to their daily lives.

            R Shift   (aka Recreation) – 20 minutes—The R Shift team will lead us through some structured play time!  Who doesn’t love some play time?

Q: How will the group be split by age?

A:   W Shift—all ages will be together.

A Shift and R Shift will be split as follows:

2 years through 4 years old together

K through 2nd Grade together

3rd through 5th together

Q: Can my children come without a parent?

A:       YES:   We believe there is no substitute for YOU!  However, Faith Factory will be staffed with screened, and well prepared volunteers who will ensure that your child will have a safe and encouraging experience.

Q: What is the schedule for Faith Factory?

A:  5:00 PM Family Dinner  (reservation required)

6:00 PM—7:15 PM     Faith Factory Night Shift