Electronic Resources

FactMonster is an online encyclopedia tailored for Elementary and Middle School students. Articles are vetted by professional educators to ensure age-appropriate material and content. Fact Monster includes media like pictures and videos, also. Students may find that FactMonster is a good starting point when beginning a research project for class.
EasyBib makes bibliographies easy! It is important to remember that drawing on the works of others is important, BUT students must document the sources used in a bibliography. Use EasyBib to track your resources and automatically generate an MLA formatted bibliography for papers and projects. Students might be interested in their articles for more information on plagiarism and bibliographies.
Tumble Books are provided through the School District of Palm Beach County. Tumble Books are interactive, read along story books for younger students. Tumble books help build student vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.
Project Gutenberg is the leading source of free ebooks available on the Internet. Titles can be downloaded as .epub files for use with most e-readers or as .pdf documents for compatibility with other devices. This source is a repository of many books, not all of which are grade-level appropriate. Students are encouraged to use discretion when researching using this source.
The Palm Beach Post is one of the leading daily periodicals in Palm Beach County. Students who need to research local and regional information are encouraged to use this source.
The Chicago Tribune is the most read daily newspaper in the Chicago metropolitan area. It has been published since 1847. Students may find this interesting since it is the daily newspaper from our President’s hometown.
The Miami Herald is the largest newspaper in South Florida. It has been published since 1903. Students who need to research local and regional information may find this useful.
The Tampa Tribune has been published since 1895 and is a leading newspaper in the Tampa, Florida area. Students may find this interesting since it is a daily newspaper from our Governor’s hometown.
 Florida Department of State Division of Historical Resources
This website, maintained by the Florida Department of State, provides an excellent overview of Florida history. Students completing state history projects should look here first.