Media Center

Our media center provides all students with a research-oriented environment, including computers with Internet access, printing, and the ability to identify and check out appropriate books via a computerized card catalog.  Periodicals and movies are also available for students.

In addition to student research, the media center hosts weekly events for all Lake Park Baptist students.  Kindergarten students visit the library once a week to hear a 15- to 20-minute story.  This allows the young students to become acclimated to the library and develop a love of reading.

First through third graders come to the library once a week for a 15-to 20-minute storytime, after which they are permitted to check out books. These students also develop a love of learning along with basic research skills, such as researching books, authors, or subjects in the online card catalog.

The upper-level students utilize the media center to develop research skills and prepare for both high school and college research assignments. Students in fifth grade come to the media center once a week to check out books related to their classes and for personal enjoyment. Sixth-eighth graders visit the media center to borrow books, conduct research and write reports, which refines their research skills and interests.