ONEFamily  Strategic Plan for 2018  




In 2018, Lake Park Baptist School will be a beacon of academic excellence and Christian commitment empowering young leaders to impact the world.



The Red colored Initiatives represent areas of current concentration and accomplishment.

The Blue colored Initiatives represent areas soon to become active.

The Green colored Initiatives represent areas of significant completion.


Goal 1 Grow in Excellence in Teaching and Learning

By 2018, LPBS’s well-prepared students will be consistently sought after by the most selective high schools in the surrounding area.


Strategic Agenda Over the next five years we will…

 A. Establish a cutting-edge comprehensive and integrated academic experience that prepares students to succeed in the area’s most rigorous high school programs.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Evaluate and benchmark the curricula of recognized national leaders in Christian education K-8 and implement changes as feasible.

2. Create faculty educational task forces to study peer schools to gain insights and applicable instructional ideas for implementation at LPBS.

3. Augment current curricular offerings with distance learning opportunities that serve the academic needs of advanced students.

4. Create a system of academic advising to prepare students for higher learning.

5. Identify and showcase teachers who pursue continuing education.

6. Increase the use of manipulatives and learning centers to enhance students’ critical thinking skills.

7. Create academic clubs to participate in county competitions and to stimulate and promote student achievement.


B. Equip teachers fully to succeed in today’s 21st century classroom and demonstrate academic excellence at each grade level.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Set achievable goals for all teachers to engage in professional development opportunities to add to their knowledge and skills in achieving positive student outcomes with a broad range of learners.

2. Implement monthly in-service meetings and workshops for faculty and staff emphasizing 21st century skills, competencies, and teaching strategies for a broad range of learners.

3. Formalize LPBS’s learning specialist role both to more broadly serve students and more specifically meet the professional development needs of teachers.

4. Develop and implement protocols to identify students who would benefit from outside referrals.

5. Equip all teachers with classroom management skills and strategies.

6. Recognize and share teachers’ successes and best practices in improving student learning outcomes.

7. Study and evaluate campus facilities, current space usage, and teachers’ instructional space needs.

8. Develop and implement a facilities strategy that optimizes the current physical plant to offer the highest quality preparatory teaching and learning experience for all grade levels.


C. Create a learning environment that integrates and uses technology across the curriculum.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Provide instructional workshops for current teachers to enhance their use and competencies in educational technology.

2. Establish and implement faculty standards in administrative and educational technology competencies.

3. Require competency with current educational technology as a condition of employment for new teachers.

4. Initiate teacher training in online paperless testing, assignments, etc.


D. Build an exemplary Christian community of 21st century learners (students, parents and teachers) united by values and mission.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Develop and implement protocols to identify students who would benefit from outside referrals.

2. Provide families with alternative in-house testing options for psychological testing to identify learning strengths and weaknesses.

3. Create interdisciplinary student support teams to advance teaching and learning outcomes.

4. Authentically and routinely celebrate children’s diverse cultural heritages.

5. Establish a “career day” wherein community and business leaders showcase their occupations.


E. Prepare students to become leaders in advancing God’s kingdom and influencing the world by faith.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Increase opportunities for spiritual development and Christian ministry leadership.

2. Develop and implement a school-wide community service focus for all students.

3. Engage all students in ongoing ministries.


Goal 2 Grow in Enrollment

By 2018, LPBS will have a thriving full enrollment with students and families aligned with values and mission.


Strategic Agenda Over the next five years we will…

 A. Create and implement a five-year rolling strategic marketing and recruitment program.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Formalize and fund an active admission office.

2. Improve and communicate our family referral benefit program.

3. Increase the frequency and quality of social events for families.

4. Clearly articulate and make available admission policies to current and prospective families, leveraging technology whenever possible.

5. Improve retention of VPK students.

6. Strengthen the athletic program.

7. Improve athletic facilities.

8. Promote the value of Christian education in the local community.

9. Create and implement a consistent LPBS visual brand identity in all marketing materials and campus signage.

10. Build relationships with local community leaders, groups and associations.

11. Increase participation in local community events such as festivals, green markets, and parades.

12. Launch a comprehensive health initiative with a reward program.

13. Build arts focus in the after-school program.

14. Showcase the hand bell choir among prospective target families.

15. Reach out to alumni to promote LPBS in their circles of influence.


B. Implement a short-term enrollment strategy to increase the yield on families with financial capacity.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Build relationships with local churches.

2. Build relationships with local professionals.

3. Create, train, and deploy Parent Ambassadors to create awareness of LPBS within their circles of influence.

4. Study the cost/benefit of adding bus service and implement if feasible.

5. Study the feasibility of establishing a satellite pre-school campus in North County and implement if feasible.


C. Adapt LPBS’s ideal student profile to the changing demographics of the area without compromising educational quality.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Define and implement a school-wide honor system.

2. Help teachers cross cultural boundaries by increasing their awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of cultural differences.

3. Build a shared understanding of what is required for student success at LPBS among current and prospective families.

4. Working with families, students and interdisciplinary teams of teachers and advisors, create personal growth and development plans for middle school students.

5. Communicate what is expected as students enter and leave each grade level.


D. Establish and implement admission policies consistent with school values and mission.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Establish cognitive and non-cognitive testing for admission.

2. Add teacher recommendations to our admission requirements.

3. Formalize protocols for the implementation of scholastic and behavioral contracts.

4. Engage teachers in creating grade-specific admission rubrics.


E. Engage all families in becoming partners in their children’s education.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Maintain family relationships throughout student enrollment at LPBS.

2. Offer “Parenting by Grace” workshops.

3. Institute a well-developed and understood parent-teacher communication policy.

4. Conduct workshops and other opportunities for elementary and middle school parents to learn about educational options for their students’ academic futures.


Goal 3 Grow in Reputation

By 2018, LPBS will be known regionally for academic excellence and Christian commitment, and as the preferred choice in PK-8 Christian education.


Strategic Agenda

 Over the next five years we will…

A. Build brand identity, awareness, and appreciation with internal and external audiences.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Integrate and coordinate marketing efforts under one platform to enhance school’s brand awareness.

2. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications.

3. Optimize traditional communications tactics such as advertising, publicity and promotion in surrounding and sending zip codes.

4. Develop and implement bold and creative new social media strategies that keep pace with ever-changing mobile, internet and cloud technologies.

5. Communicate student service projects and results.

6. Assess and improve signage.

7. Develop plans to create a visually contiguous campus.

8. Increase the frequency and effectiveness of messages promoting academic achievement of students and faculty.

9. Communicate LPBS’s One Family Strategic Plan vision, goals, and progress routinely to all major constituencies.


B. Meaningfully engage current parents in promoting LPBS among prospective families.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Equip parents to be active and articulate enrollment ambassadors within their own circles of influence and among prospective families.

2. Work with parents to identify and participate in local community venues that showcase students, teachers, and parents.

3. Work with parents to cultivate local businesses for partnership and sponsorship of clubs, sports teams, academic clubs, etc.

4. Encourage parents to purchase and use LPBS branded items to increase school visibility.


C. Identify and build strategic partnerships in the local community and surrounding region. In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Offer more opportunities for Palm Beach Atlantic University students to interact with LPBS students and teachers.

2. Create and implement plans to collaborate with potential partners with common interests.

3. Create a calendar of opportunities to support and honor US troops working toward peace and justice.


D. Increase alumni awareness and involvement in the school.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Identify alumni leaders and create an alumni network.

2. With alumni leaders, create an annual calendar of alumni network activities.

3. Showcase alumni successes in LPBS promotional material.

4. Reach out to parents of alumni and engage them as LPBS ambassadors.


E. Increase the range and frequency of internal communication among teachers, staff, and families.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Improve capacity to understand and meet relevant constituent needs through regular feedback loops such as surveys, focus groups, and a suggestion box.

2. Refine and implement ongoing external communications to build brand awareness.

3. Increase the opportunities for face-to-face communication.

4. Use technology to enhance communication among all constituencies.

5. Enhance relationships with families through targeted communications.

6. Initiate monthly ‘Breakfast Connection’ with Pastor and Principal.


Goal 4 Grow in Resources

By 2018, LPBS will have the human, financial and physical resources essential to deliver its high quality academic program.


Strategic Agenda

 Over the next five years we will…

A. Ensure stable leadership in times of change.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Formalize and nurture a well-rounded, vision-focused administrative leadership team.

2. Establish succession plans for all administrators for planned, unplanned, and sudden departures.

3. Identify and collaborate with rising leaders to develop their leadership potential.

4. Create operations manuals for all academic and non-academic offices to ensure the facilitation of a thorough and accurate transfer of knowledge during times of change.


B. Create and implement a five-year financial strategic plan.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Increase/add new income from non-tuition, non-philanthropic revenue sources such as a diversified after-school program and a variety of summer camps.

2. Create a sustainable tuition model.

3. Develop and implement a plan to study, evaluate, and improve teacher salaries and compensation packages.


C. Invest in educational technology.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Implement a 1:1 iPad program.

2. Improve the technology infrastructure.

3. Invest in a more robust student management system.

4. Update faculty and staff work stations.

5. Add student work stations.

6. Transform the current computer lab into a 21st century technology center.


D. Invest in physical plant improvements to provide an optimal teaching and learning environment.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Develop and implement a five-year plan for site improvements.

2. Develop and implement a five-year plan to refresh classrooms.

3. Implement plans to create and maintain a visually contiguous campus.


E. Cultivate a culture of philanthropy.

In order to execute this strategy, we will:

1. Create and staff a Development Office to create and implement a comprehensive donor development plan.

2. Increase LPBS families’ awareness about the need for giving time, talent, and treasure to support school initiatives.

3. Identify and cultivate donor relationships.

4. Increase the effectiveness of fundraising events.

5. Benchmark and adapt peer schools’ successful strategies for ‘friend-raising.’